Interior Purifying Service

Automatic Ozone Generation Equipment

Disintegrate & kills any virus, germs and eliminates bad odours

Germs It purifies the air, kills on surfaces with hard finish, upholstery and hidden air channels where unpleasant odours and contaminants often accumulate. Ideal for fleets, multi-driver vehicles AND passenger vehicles.

What is ozone?
Ozone consists of three contiguous oxygen atoms, therefore referred to as O3, while oxygen (O2) has two contiguous atoms.

How does ozone kill germs?
Exposed to O3, target contaminants are completely destroyed by oxidation, better than chemicals. – no odour, no germs.

Is it safe to use?
Although very powerful, ozone is unstable and has a short life cycle. 
The oxidation process uses the additional ozone atom and ozone safely returns to oxygen (O2) quickly.

Why does the air from the vents sometimes smell bad?
Behind the Dashboard moist air condenses on the outer surfaces of the evaporator. Most of the water is drained, but some remains. When the air conditioning is off, dark, humid and warm the area behind the dashboard is an ideal breeding environment for moulds and bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, reminiscent of “old socks”. As mould matures, it emits spores, which bind bacteria, pollen and other particles that break off to bind the flow of air into your nostrils and lungs while breathing.

When should the car be purified with The PURIFIER?

Six months is the suggested interval between cleanings, but vehicles occupied for long periods every day, or frequently used with a load of passengers and/or dogs, then shorter intervals between treatments may be desirable. Purify the vehicle whenever the cab changes the air filter. For caravans, recreational vehicles, boats, Small rooms, etc… purify whenever there is a problem.

Cost is from £25 treatment times vary depending on the severity of the problem, on average 30 – 45 minutes treatment is sufficient for most vehicles.