Car Care

So what is detailing?


Many car owners adopt poor washing techniques. This leaves the vehicles with lots of swirl type scratches. This can eventually lead to the paintwork losing its shine and looking very dull, which de-values the car.

Detailing is undoing all the damage that has been done by cleansing the paintwork and smoothing out the scratches leaving the paint as smooth as glass and alleviating any contamination which is embedded into the paint. The interior is also cleaned this leaves it looking fresh and smelling clean. The engine is degreased and all cleaning is done by hand and not using a jet wash which can cause issues with the engine electronics!Best of all it’s protected with a sealant that lasts for 12 months or more depending on how you wash the car. A coat of wax is applied which helps make the paint look outstanding with a deep depth of shine and added protection.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings which are now available for professional detailers to apply to vehicles. These coatings provide a protective hard layer on top og the clear coat or lacquer on painted vehicles. They are super durable and can provide a certain level of scratch resistance, and most have self cleaning properties which keep your vehicle cleaner for longer. Once applied to a surface the paintwork is not only protected but has a very smooth surface making it difficult for dirt and debris to stick to it. So when it rains or if a pressure washer is used it can eliminate dirt quickly. There are many on the market which when coated some last between 2-5 years. Most products are of 9H hardness which is harder than the clear coat on vehicles as the standard hardness of a clear coat is between 2h – 4H. N.P.DETAILING will be soon providing this service for vehicles and the products which we will be soon using on customers vehicles will be 9H and give a protection for upto 5 years.