Headlights Restoration

Not all headlights can be restored due to the level of sun damage and oxidisation can vary. If you look closely on some vehicles you can see small cracks in the layer of plastic! These can not be corrected and the lens or headlight will need replacing. We will assess each vehicle before taking on any headlight restoration work.

Over time headlights which are made of plastic can become oxidised and cloudy. This makes it hard for the light to be projected onto the road making it harder to drive at night. “Did you know that if your headlights become too cloudy the vehicle can fail an MOT test!. 

Here at N.P.DETAILING we can restore the headlights back to a nice clear lens making the light go where it is supposed to go. This oxidation or cloudy issue is brought on by sun damage where UV rays attack the lens making them cloudy. We can save you time and money by correcting the lights so you don’t have to spend hundreds on some new headlights. Click the contact us button for a quote today.