Ceramic Coatings

N.P.DETAILING is proud to announce that we are accredited by Autosmart to apply their ceramic coatings. These coatings have been developed over two years to provide the best level of protection and enhance the appearance of any vehicle. Autosmart has introduced two new coatings highlighted below.



Providing upto 3 years of protection and is a good quality coating that wont break the bank. Can be applied in layers to give 
upto 5 years protection. This coating is excellent is you want your car protecting from minor scratches,
 bird poop, and its excellent water repellency keeps your vehicle looking clean and sharp for longer making it easy for you to clean. 


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Matrix Black, this coating is outstanding! there are not many coatings which give upto 8 years protection. Just one layer is required to protect your vehicle and still the benefit of being affordable. Provides protection against mild scratches, bird poo, chemical resistant, easy wash coating, hydrophobic which means it hates water. This coating is good if you want to protect your pride and joy and are looking to keep a vehicle for a long while. Classic car collectors, car enthusiast’s, Car club members etc. This coating will require complete preparation of the paintwork by decontamination, paint correction to eradicate swirl marks and paint defects. Then the last stage is to apply the coating, its a long process but the results are amazing. Vehicles coated will need to be stored for minimum of 12 hours before driven and not washed for a recommended 5-7 days. This is to ensure the coating has had time to cure to the paintwork.


All vehicles will need to be seen for a quote as every vehicle varies in defects and they will also require some level of paint correction. This is to get the best possible adhesion of the coatings and the best results! All coatings come with a manufacture warranty